Why LinkedAI?


Our workforce specializes in data labeling for the ML industry. We work with our proprietary AI powered tools, allowing us to adapt to customized use-cases. We achieve best-in-class data quality by auditing worker annotations against tasks with known answers and triple checkings.

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Fully Managed

Every client is assigned a project manager. All you have to do is share the data labeling guidelines with your project manager and let them do all the work for you. We also build specific tool modifications and data workflows to handle all your customized use-cases.

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In contrast to crowdsourcing platforms, we offer an ethical payout and protection to our workers, who receive a stable monthly salary, an office space and trainings. We provide employment to women who are heads of families and other vulnerable groups.

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An ML model is only as good as its training data

We label your data with the higher quality standards to fulfill the needs of the most complex AI projects, all this using our own labeling platform for training data. Now you can get back to creating the products your customers love.

AI image labeling platform
AI training data grey


AI training data with bouding boxes.

Bounding boxes

Classification for AI data.


Ai training data with lines.


Ai training data with landmarks.


Ai training data with polygons.


Ai training data with semantic segmentation.

Semantic segmentation

Already got your own labeling team?

Image labeling platform for teams.

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